What is

Jeenka provides solutions for the web while striving to elevate the standards of code and design. We believe in writing maintainable, optimized, and beautiful code to give an edge to our clients' projects.

Our mission at Jeenka

It is the mission of Jeenka to provide powerful tools to manage, promote, and grow your business on the web at a competitive price. We will continue to grow as your business grows to ensure the tools that you depend on remain applicable to your ever-changing needs. We want you to feel secure and confident in your investment with us, so we will maintain a steady focus in keeping our tools updated and secure to keep your data safe.

Located in Virginia Beach

We're located in the Virginia Beach Town Center next to the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts. Give us a call or send a message if you would like to schedule a meet up with us.

Our Areas of Expertise

Here are some of the fields we work in on a day to day basis.

Platform Development

Web Design


Data Management