Grow Your Audience With Powerful Marketing Tools

Campaign & subscriber metrics, broadcast automation, subscriber groups, and more.

You Can Upgrade at Any Time

If you grow above your current plan's limits, you can upgrade at any time with no fees or penalties. We will notify you if you go above your limits and you will have the choice of upgrading your plan or paying for the additional emails.

Start Sending For Free Before Choosing a Plan

If you have 5,000 or less subscribers you can send your emails for free at a limit of 15,000 emails per month. No time limit of use or credit card required.

Get The Right Look For Every Campaign

When you create a new campaign, you can select from a variety of available templates each with their unique look. You also have the option to code your own campaign to get the exact look you want.

Save your own custom templates and use them when you create new campaigns to save time. All of your saved templates are listed in one place where you can edit them any time you need a new look for your future campaigns.

Schedule Ahead And Let The System Handle The Rest

If you know when you want your subscribers to receive your new campaign have it sent automatically by scheduling a date and selecting "Auto Send".

Send your campaigns to specific lists of subscribers to make sure your message gets to your targeted audience.

Easily Organize And Manage Your Lists And Subscribers

All of your subscribers are listed in one place. There you can review when they joined, where they joined from, and how many lists they are associated with.

Create lists and consolidate your subscribers under them to create categorized segments of your audience. You can select from your lists when you are ready to broadcast a campaign.

Start Sending Campaigns to Your Subscribers

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